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Pattern Imaging

HTA Photomask offers a complete range of pattern imaging services. These services include electron beam, laser write, pattern generation, step and repeat and Gerber photoplotting. Pattern generation is typically used by HTA to produce non-repeating imagery.

HTA Photomask strives to select a process which will give you the best results for the lowest cost possible. The appropriate method is determined by many factors, including: mask resolution die size and image placement accuracy.

Electron Beam- When you need the highest accuracy possible, electron beam gives the best results, providing CD control down to 10.2 pm. E-beam imaging also is the most expensive.

Laser Write- This is the latest technology used for fabricating production masks. It can provide accuracies which approach those of E-beam, and its cost is second to that of E-beam.

Pattern Generation- When you need high accuracy optical imaging to generate 1X and larger magnifications, pattern generation is an excellent choice. Its capabilities include good resolution to 3 microns and image placement accuracy of typically 0.15 micron. HTA Photomask can pattern generate masks up to 13".

Optical Step and Repeat- When precision arrays of high-resolution images are needed, the step and repeat camera is ideal for accuracy and low cost.

Photoplotting- HTA Photomask utilizes automatic laser imaging to create features as small as 25 microns on film. Image placement accuracy is up to 0.15 micron. Photoplotting is used primarily to generate artwork which is larger than final size. This artwork is then camera-reduced for maximum precision to produce a mask on glass.