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HTA Photomask News Release

4/10/2017 - HTA Photomask has developed a new Photomask Product and is immediately available. It is the new COPPER PHOTOMASK. This mask provides additional heat dissipation when used with high heat producing lasers or conventional light sources. The Copper is low in UV reflectivity and provides good opacity when using all wavelengths of light. The heat produced with Infrared Lasers is more quickly dissipated and when combined with a low expansion or heat transmitting substrates, it works well in most high heat conditions.

HTA Photomask was started in 1982 supplying the semiconductor industry with masks made for the manufacture of Integrated Circuits, Thin Film Circuits, Diodes, Displays, and other microelectronic circuitry. Since then we have greatly expanded our capability to all aspects of Photolithography. We current supply photomasks from 2” to 15” with optical photographic and Laser Write technology. In addition to making masks we can image wafers, optical components, computer disks, and any planar surface on custom materials.

For Photomask making we do have very cost effective methods and will direct the customer to the lowest cost process that produces the quality level required. For example if the customer needs 10 micron features that can be produced optically we will not suggest e-beam lithography.

HTA has mask making capabilities for Pattern Generation , Step & Repeat, Contact Printing in house and also can provide e-beam and laser written masks when needed. HTA can pattern generate patterns and features randomly as small as 0.5 micron with image placement accuracy of .1 micron. Our Step and Repeat masks can resolve half micron patterns in Chrome. HTA has been producing .5 micron critical dimension standards for the industry for years. In 2010 HTA acquired a new laser writer that can resolve sub-micron patterns and pattern on a curved surface as well as make grey scale patterns. At this time HTA has multiple photoimaging systems.

We can use the following data bases; GDSII , Autocad, Gerber. We have complete CAD services whereby we can design and produce data from customer supplied drawings.

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