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1. What is a Photomask?
A photomask is a tool used to transfer the patterned images of electronic devices and circuits to a silicon wafer or other substrates. Patterns are produced on glass / metal film substrates via photolithography.
2. What types of material substrates and coatings do you offer for masks, and which ones should I use for my photomask?
We supply metal / glass photomasks as well as Mylar Film and emulsion on glass
A. Thin metal films: chrome, iron oxide, copper, aluminum, gold
B. Glass substrate: silica fused quartz, soda lime glass, B270, wafers and custom substrates Material and substrate selection are based on the specs of your design requirements. They may vary by application. Please inquire today for free consultation and review of your photomask.
Note: We offer several types of chrome from Low Reflective to High-Reflective and Anti-Reflective with different optical densities and can work with many other thin metal film types based on your requirements.
3. What are the dimensions and thicknesses of the photomasks that you supply?
HTA is a full-service, micro-imaging mask shop and thus has a wide range of services and capabilities. We offer masks with plate sizes ranging from 2 inches up to 28+” sizes/thickness. Standard material types and specs include:
3 inch: 3x3x0.06” SL= Soda Lime Glass (economical) 4 inch: 4x4x0.06” or 0.09” thickness B270= clear high transmission crown glass
5 inch: 5x5x0.09” or 0.09” thickness Qz=Quartz (low thermal expansion, purity)
6 inch: 6x6x0.09” or 0.12” thickness Custom sizes and various thicknesses
7 inch: 7x7x0.12” or 0.15” thickness More sizes are available: 2” - 28(+) inches
4. What file types do you accept?
We accept GDSII, AutoCAD, Gerber and other file formats. We offer complete CAD services and can digitize and produce data from your supplied drawings.
5. What is the fastest delivery we can expect?
The file size may determine the write time for the mask; however, most masks can be delivered in 24 hours when needed.
6. What levels of reflectivity and optical densities do you offer?
We offer Optical Density ranging from 2.0 – 10.0 depending on the application. We offer reflectivity ranging from 8 to 95 percent depending on wavelengths
7. What is the typical process to obtain a photomask and how long should I expect it to take?
There are several ways to place an order. Here’s how:
1. Request a quote by filling out the online form on our HTA website
2. Call us at (702) 381-2000
3. Email us at sales@htaphotomask.com
*Cycle times are typically 1-3 days
*Quick turn is available and may be available at no premium.
Typical process: Customers provide us with their mask requirements and data. Our CAD conversion and plots are approved by the customer, then, the mask is fabricated. Once the mask is fabricated we inspect for quality. Once certified compliant, the masks are ready for shipment.
8. What other products besides photomasks does HTA supply?
HTA is a full-service, micro-imaging, photomask and optical parts manufacturer. HTA fabricates optical parts (with custom cutting) as well as emulsion on glass, UV photolithography process chemicals (developer, etchant, stripper) and photoplates. All chemistry is made in-house and sold under the Microchrome Technology Division of HTA
9.What optical parts do you offer?
HTA fabricates encoders, resolution targets, optical filters, apertures, reticles, gun sights and apodizers, as well as many custom optical parts for capital equipment.
10. Do you supply photoplates that are ready for exposure?
We offer ARSL chrome, ARQZ chrome, FEOSL soda lime and other photoplates coated with AZ 1518 Positive Photoresist and ready for ultra violet light exposure.
We also offer raw materials and emulsion blanks.
11. Does HTA offer mask cleaning services?
Yes, HTA offers high-tech mask cleaning services as well as safe-storage services.
12. Do you sell to countries outside the USA?
Yes, HTA sells internationally worldwide. Many of our customers reside outside of the USA. HTA supports these international orders and has done so for many years.
13. What is the highest resolution and smallest minimum feature sizes you can support?
HTA can support image dimensions as small as 0.5um (500nm) for lines & spaces. Please inquire for application-specific analysis.
14. Do you make large size masks?
Yes, HTA fabricates large photomasks up to 32 inches in size.